May 22, 2020

TO: UC Santa Barbara Campus Community

FR: Cynthia Señeriz, Director, Human Resources

RE: A New Way to Apply for Staff Jobs at UCSB Beginning June 1

****This message is being sent on behalf of Cynthia Señeriz. Please do not reply to this message.****

On June 1, 2020, our online job application system OACIS will be replaced. OACIS has been our web platform to apply for staff (non-student) jobs at UC Santa Barbara for more than 15 years. I am pleased to announce that the new replacement, Talent Acquisition Manager (TAM), will provide a modern online job application system that is integrated with UCPath.

Here is what the transition to TAM means for UCSB staff:

On May 26 at 10 p.m., you will no longer be able to log in to OACIS, meaning you won’t use OACIS to apply for a job or view or retrieve application documents that have been uploaded in OACIS. No information, application documents, or job postings in OACIS will be carried forward into TAM.

On June 1, the current OACIS landing page ( will be replaced with a new look and new links to guide job applicants to TAM, the new online job application system.

Please be aware that due to the hiring pause that was announced on April 24, it is expected that the number of jobs open for applicants on June 1 in TAM will be a smaller number than is currently posted on OACIS.

For questions regarding access to OACIS, submit a ticket to Human Resources ServiceNow>Login>Classification & Compensation>OACIS. For questions regarding the transition to TAM, please visit

Thank you for your patience and thank you to our HR Employment team for their work to prepare for the transition to TAM.